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A Treasure Chest of Tips: to help you to keep living as well as you can

From people with dementia, for people with dementia

Are you living with a diagnosis of dementia, or think you may have it?

If you want to learn from and share with others ‘in the same boat’, you’re in the right place!

The Tip-Share website is bursting with Tips, work-arounds and short cuts. All from people with dementia themselves. And these will grow and grow.

The website aims to be clear, easy to use, searchable and informative. We’d love you to use it, contribute – and even become a Tip-Sharer yourself!

Here are a few examples of some of our Tips…

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The content of this website is solely and intentionally made up of Tips shared by people with dementia themselves. Innovations in Dementia is not able to take any responsibility for these, or to give ‘professional’ advice, information or sign-posting ourselves.


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📢 NEW REPORT: Personalisation in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities 📢

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#Personalisation #Equality #Equity #Inclusion #Diversity #Health #Socialcare
@raceequality @MikeClarkeEDI @clentonF @SCIE_socialcare

Dementia NI members thoroughly enjoyed yesterdays presentation and musical experience with @PlaylistforLife Thankyou Hannah and Emma for explaining how beneficial music is for brain health and wellbeing, especially for people living with dementia.

bold: A Clear View
Please do watch this today….
⁦@BoldScotland⁩ ⁦@nancyhmcadam⁩ just gorgeous….. https://vimeo.com/606488443/4f1c7602dd

Announcing bold's 1st creative recording from the amazing Nancy McAdam & Martha Middlemiss @JustSingScot Working together they created 'A Clear View' please watch & share how important #creativity is in the #dementia world https://vimeo.com/606488443/4f1c7602dd
@ProfBrendan @LifeChangesTrst

Involvement is not limited to getting feedbacks or views from people living with dementia. It is about shared leaderships in how our voice can effect change in decision making and not just having a voice @KateSwaffer @AlzDisInt @alz_sg @PaolaBarbarino https://twitter.com/DementiaAllianc/status/1440428312380076033

.@Aspirantdiva @DrRAshworth @ProfMartinGreen @RoyLilley @prof_lindaclare of interest? https://twitter.com/Innov_Dementia/status/1439989826535710736

Thanks to @CCPembsDementia we have a thriving Living with Dementia Forum in Pembrokeshire involved in the co-production of services including a Young Onset Dementia day service & a card to ensure Carers of PLWD receive support from day 1 @CarersTrustWal @copronetwales @PGGCWWCP https://twitter.com/LleisiauW/status/1440343641667432452

The #HerbertProtocol, to quickly gather information from families of vulnerable #MissingPeople with #dementia, is now in effect across @PoliceScotland, in partnership with @alzscot @HSCScotland & @scotgov

READ MORE HERE:➡️ http://ow.ly/T05D30rUBuJ

@ACCPartnership @CSsaferComms

Listening to those with lived experience is at the core of co-production, as is not making assumptions and generalisations about people. https://twitter.com/LleisiauW/status/1440343641667432452

“Despite progress in the global response to dementia, a recent report by the WHO highlights how the world is ‘failing to address the dementia challenge’, with dementia being the 7th leading cause of death world-wide."
CADR's response here: https://www.cadr.cymru/en/news-info.htm?id=262 https://twitter.com/WGHealthandCare/status/1440297142283689989

Strange isn’t it I felt exactly the same until Monday when MInds and Voices had their first face to face. It was the hugs and seeing people once more that was so important.xx https://twitter.com/agnes_houston/status/1440589544840052738

we are also working on volume 2 for 2022!! https://twitter.com/CadrProgramme/status/1440246975383814150

Proud to have co-authored this with Ian and Gill @CadrProgramme @SHSBangor https://twitter.com/CadrProgramme/status/1440254635336339467

Watch our video , share our message & donate . For a non commissioned service we do fantastic face to face support ! Help us carry on https://www.facebook.com/100000125126500/posts/5005158399498281/?d=n