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A Treasure Chest of Tips: to help you to keep living as well as you can

From people with dementia, for people with dementia

Are you living with a diagnosis of dementia, or think you may have it?

If you want to learn from and share with others ‘in the same boat’, you’re in the right place!

The Tip-Share website is bursting with Tips, work-arounds and short cuts. All from people with dementia themselves. And these will grow and grow.

The website aims to be clear, easy to use, searchable and informative. We’d love you to use it, contribute – and even become a Tip-Sharer yourself!

Here are a few examples of some of our Tips…

Ready to get going?

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The content of this website is solely and intentionally made up of Tips shared by people with dementia themselves. Innovations in Dementia is not able to take any responsibility for these, or to give ‘professional’ advice, information or sign-posting ourselves.


All would benefit from the thinking happening in the disability rights space about shared personhood and relational autonomy and in other spaces about citizenship & the reciprocal roles of individual and community.

This week's #FollowFriday is @Innov_Dementia!

They are a non-profit supporting people with dementia to stay in control of their lives and promoting a #positive and hopeful yet realistic view of #dementia.

Here are some of the others that we know - and they will surely be able to add more: @AlzChat @DementiaCan @Dementiawho @Innov_Dementia @tide_carers @ExeterDAA @bethyb1886 @YopeyCharity https://twitter.com/MyLifeFilmsOrg/status/1481899125155237889

People with #dementia don't always get the right support, IF AT ALL. If you are living with the condition or know someone who is, we want to know what YOU WANT from SUPPORT AFTER diagnosis and WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU ✍️
Share your views with us 👇

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Support After Diagnosis

Please take the time to complete our survey. Your feedback is important.


If you or someone you're close to is living with #youngonsetdementia, don't miss this webinar next Wednesday where you'll hear from three expert speakers, including our inspirational young onset dementia services manager, Saira Addison. https://twitter.com/YoungDemNetwork/status/1481285218355093504

Tell us about your #good and #bad experiences of purchasing car insurance while living with #dementia, especially if you have had an accident and have had to use a replacement car while your insurance claim was processed. Please contact jane.platts@alzheimers.org.uk Plz share/ RT

It’s so important to promote greater linkage across these 2 agendas. So often they are treated as completely unrelated https://twitter.com/janebarrattIFA/status/1481219381967347722

Morning Twitteroos….. In case you didn’t have the chance to listen to me on yesterdays @BBCr4today with @MishalHusain ……here’s the link…..and that’s a very old photo of me going by my glasses 😂

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Best of Today - 'Dementia is so much more than about memory' - BBC Sounds

Wendy Mitchell speaks to Mishal Husain about her experience with the condition.


@happytandemer @BBCr4today @WendyPMitchell @DementiaVoices @Innov_Dementia We couldn't agree with you more. It was a wonderful interview. We're very proud that @WendyPMitchell is a steering group member of the @YoungDemNetwork and are very excited that she's agreed to talk to us about her new book in our February webinar. Sign up details coming soon! 😀

Said it before & I'll say it again, this is a *great* report, authored by @KateJopling & published by @ageukcampaigns with support from @Innov_Dementia on 'promising approaches to living well with dementia' https://www.ageuk.org.uk/globalassets/age-uk/documents/reports-and-publications/reports-and-briefings/health--wellbeing/rb_feb2018_promising_approaches_to_living_well_with_dementia_report.pdf

DAI needs the support from ADI member organizations, national architecture associations, disability experts, school of architectural and designs etc. @DementiaAllianc @DementiaCan @ADI @PaolaBarbarino @KateSwaffer @CEOi_Alz @ardsihyd @Innov_Dementia https://twitter.com/DementiaCan/status/1481196780121382915

Org @DementiaAllianc introduces a new Environmental Design Special Interest Group dedicated to promoting design that respects the dignity, autonomy, independence and equality of opportunity for people living with dementia.

Read on... http://ow.ly/eJwG50HrGPM

@BBCr4today Fantastic interview with the amazing @WendyPMitchell about her new book. Great title! It was on just after the news at 8.30am today if you want to catch up. @DementiaVoices @YoungDemNetwork @Innov_Dementia

Good news I’m on the mend the treatment has worked lungs clearing I can breathe what a magic feeling thanks everyone for all your upbeat wishes I needed them @Ecrediblesgroup @AlumniDementia I’m back @JoFoz @CarmelGeoghegan @Innov_Dementia

Shout out loud and proud about your DEEP group for the DEEP 10th Anniversary!
To find out more about putting on your own #DEEP celebration we are holding 2 sessions next week on Zoom Weds (19th) 12.30 to 1.30 and Friday (21st) 4pm email Anna@myid.org.uk to register.