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A Treasure Chest of Tips: to help you to keep living as well as you can

From people with dementia, for people with dementia

Are you living with a diagnosis of dementia, or think you may have it?

If you want to learn from and share with others ‘in the same boat’, you’re in the right place!

The Tip-Share website is bursting with Tips, work-arounds and short cuts. All from people with dementia themselves. And these will grow and grow.

The website aims to be clear, easy to use, searchable and informative. We’d love you to use it, contribute – and even become a Tip-Sharer yourself!

Here are a few examples of some of our Tips…

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The content of this website is solely and intentionally made up of Tips shared by people with dementia themselves. Innovations in Dementia is not able to take any responsibility for these, or to give ‘professional’ advice, information or sign-posting ourselves.


The Centre would like to thank the experts by experience who worked with us on the development of this module. Without your continued support this would not have been possible! We are immensely proud of the work we do together & this award is for you all! Thank you & well done!

🗣️ Almost two thirds of people in destitution live with a chronic health condition or disability. Cutting people’s eligibility for benefits won't help.

The PM's speech was an irresponsible war of words on people who already aren’t getting enough support.

And this is why it remains such a tactical framing error to repeatedly say unpaid carers 'save' the State £billions or that they are the 'bedrock' of the 'social care system'. They are people being abandoned and exploited at huge personal cost. It's nothing to celebrate.

Do you want to work with us to shift the narrative around care and support❓

We're working with @bryonyshannon to update our Jargon Buster and flag words we feel don't belong in a human approach to care and support. That's where you come in... 1/2

I original set a very ambitious target of 100 Researchers, and we're currently on 89!

What an incredible community you are!

12 hours left to get to 100.

Philly may have retired from her time with us - but she's still active. Give her a #FridayFollow

Question 6 What are some of the ways to help with balance? #diversealz

Thought this might be of interest #coresearch #drivingseat #dementia @DementiaJournal @AJDementiaCare @JDementiaCare @bethyb1886 @NIHRcommunity @Peninsula_ARC @ESRC @AlzSocResearch @alzheimersocirl @alzheimersc @alzscot @Dementia_UoB @beatdementia

Acknowledging the 250+ people with #dementia & #DEEP facilitators who were #DementiaEnquirers Our new book includes all their stories & experiences + the learning from this 4 year programme. Order details for our new book by @JKPBooks pinned at the top of our feed.

The ‘Understanding the me in dementia’ module group, led by @deekjones21 and @Clareycoco along with 22 people living with dementia, were commended for their outstanding contribution to teaching and learning excellence at tonight’s @UniofBradford achievement awards! ⭐️

This is a fabulously important book: it has been a great privilege to work with the Dementia Pioneers. Well done to them, and to Philly and Rachael.

In Conversation with ... Dr Catherine Talbot
This one might interest you @GailGre59728262 @TommyTommytee18 @doryitsme @willygilder01 @dementiahavens @agnes_houston @lbsorg

To register - https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_IdoLPumxRdyCNxKs8hW8Qw

@Innov_Dementia @JKPBooks @TNLComFund A big high-5 to my fellow co-author Rachael, to all those who helped us see the @JKPBooks book to fruition - and to the hundreds of ppl w #dementia who are showing the world how they can (and should) do (and even lead) research.

We remain super proud of our #Dementiaenquirers project the pros,cons & particular needs of those living alone and those with a care partner @Innov_Dementia @elhijodevera

Excited to catch up with the Dementia Enquirers thanks to Philly & Rachael @Innov_Dementia and to be inspired by the fab work of @AlyMcKechnie and Abbotsford Care. #newreads #books #inspiration #dementia #care #originalstories #coresearch