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A Treasure Chest of Tips: to help you to keep living as well as you can

From people with dementia, for people with dementia

Are you living with a diagnosis of dementia, or think you may have it?

If you want to learn from and share with others ‘in the same boat’, you’re in the right place!

The Tip-Share website is bursting with Tips, work-arounds and short cuts. All from people with dementia themselves. And these will grow and grow.

The website aims to be clear, easy to use, searchable and informative. We’d love you to use it, contribute – and even become a Tip-Sharer yourself!

Here are a few examples of some of our Tips…

Ready to get going?

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The content of this website is solely and intentionally made up of Tips shared by people with dementia themselves. Innovations in Dementia is not able to take any responsibility for these, or to give ‘professional’ advice, information or sign-posting ourselves.


We’re building our #dementia library. Which books would you recommend? For:
• people with #dementia • young onset • carers • families • children • End of Life All recommendations welcome!

Thinking of setting up a DEEP group?

Take a look at the resources to help you ensure you embrace the values and get it right for people living with dementia


Amplifying what we have heard over 10 years of #DEEP

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Setting up and running a group - DEEP

Setting up and running a group In this section you will find resources to help with the planning and smooth ru...


This survey is for everyone, from those with little knowledge or experience of dementia right through to caregivers and people living with #dementia.
Take part in the survey ➡️ http://ow.ly/uFge50Kk4j3

This autumn, we are delighted to be exhibiting a selection of our beautiful photographs & books at @exeter_phoenix!

We will be holding a private view on 8th Sept, featuring a special screening of our short film, Amanze. Please send you RSVPs to rachel@the-photobook-project.com

Bit late but post below raises a key point ⬇️ @AboutDementiaSc activists are told #dementia is all sorts; a mental health condition, a physical illness, a disability. Yet as @willygilder01 points out, you're not eligible for a disabled railcard. So, how do you consider dementia? https://twitter.com/alzheimerssoc/status/1552613597896855554

#LCRCares @KateLeeCEO @doryitsme @DCMS @DementiaWirral @janis_cottee @TruthTe36621110

Join myself with my fellow peer @hitchmough_paul & @PatBroster on #DementiainLiverpool 8pm tonight topic

The importance of creative Self expression & creative arts and in dementia care

Pension Credit can provide access to a range of other benefits such as help with housing costs, council tax, heating bills and for those aged 75 or over, a free TV licence. Check your eligibility at or by calling 0800 99 1234

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Pension Credit

Pension Credit is extra money for pensioners to bring your weekly income up to a minimum amount - what you'll get, apply, eligibility


@jaynegoodrick @AlzheimerEurope #EWGPWD
@3NDWG @Innov_Dementia https://twitter.com/ageingscientist/status/1559190440255053826

A reminder for all DEEPers
If you have any items for Our DEEP News August/September please email to Niblock@myid.org.uk by Wednesday 17th August.
Sunflowers have not been very successful at all this year - mine are a very sad 5’ or so ☹️🌻 please send your photos!

Does anybody know of a template for people with dementia to use when evaluating products/assistive technology

Or can anybody share how you have captured this information

A question raised in an email today …

@dementiacentre @FranHamilton_OT @DUETcare

Today we bid a sad but fond farewell to our dear friend & Dementia NI member Liz Cunningham. Liz was an inspiration to so many people with dementia and a well-loved member of Dementia NI. She'll be forever in our thoughts. Read our tribute to Liz in full: https://bit.ly/3QLiceE

An insightful and atmospheric recording from Wayne as the storm breaks. https://bit.ly/3A1qppn. @TNLComFund @3NDWG

Great initiative - it's so difficult to give supports to all who are in need but slowly Ireland is coming to terms with some of our society's missing links @AlzheimerEurope @AlzDisInt @GBHI_Fellows @rochfordbrennan @DCCNIRL https://twitter.com/EngagingDemIrl/status/1557695836557086722

Frances has been running art groups for others with dementia, and this diary finds them enjoying the shade. https://bit.ly/3d2yCAz @TNLComFund @3NDWG